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Welcome at Practice for Natural Medicine Suzanne Janssen

I believe people are happiest when they can be who they truly are. When you live in a way that is right for you and in which you are using the talents given to you. And when out of this feeling of being yourself, you can and dare to manifest what you want to give to the world. To be able to do this, you need a good health. Besides that, you also need to be free from limiting believes and emotional patterns that make that you don’t do what you would like to do. The goal of my practice is to support people on both physical and emotional level to be their vital and sparkling self.

As a Natural Health Practitioner I work with Natural Medicine, the Hormone Factor method, NEI (Neuro Emotional Integration), Child in Mind or a combination of these. Because body and mind are connected, experience shows that a combined approach often has a deeper and better result. This approach also works very well with chronical complaints. Natural Medicine is more directed towards the physical side of illness. The Hormone Factor methode is a very useful approach for hormonal problems. NEI can be used to seek out and let go of limiting emotions, patterns and beliefs. With Child in Mind (Luisterkind) it is possible to dive a level deeper to find out where the problem is, for both children ánd adults. I am happy to support you to feel happy and healthy. You are welcome!  

The website will be translated into English page by page the coming time. My apologies if not every page is translated yet!


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