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Werkwijze Suzanne Janssen - Praktijk voor Natuurgeneeskunde, NEI, Luisterkind, Trainer Hormoonfactor Nijmegen en omgeving


During the intake we are first going to examine what is causing your complaint(s). A complaint can have several causes. Causes can be purely physical like a damaged vertebra or an infection with a bacteria or virus. But causes can also be found in wrong nutrition, genetical disposition, energetical imbalance or unprocessed emotions. Often it is a combination of causes that forms the underlying reason of the symptoms, especially with chronical or complex complaints. Because body and mind are functioning as a unity, emotional complaints can have a physical cause and vice versa. We will take all those factors into account, so that we have a thorough mapping of what is causing the imbalance you are experiencing. By looking from a holistic perspective, the chances on healing grow. As soon as we have a clear view of the underlying causes, we can choose the right means to work towards healing.

Over the years I have been using and also adding different methods of healing. I studied Natural Medicine (herbal medicine, nutrition, Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathic remedies), the Hormone Factor Method, Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI) therapy, healing and the Child in Mind method. Also an own method of working arised over the years, which I call Essence Work. Out of these we will choose one ore more fitting methods according to your needs. If I cannot offer you the right therapy, I will refer you to another professional.

In the dropdown menu under Method, you’ll find a further description of the different methods I use. If you have any questions about my way of working, I will be happy to explain more!